Starters & Small Chops

Assorted meat peppersoup   £7.00

A mix of beef, tripe and cow leg,cooked in a blend of African herbs and spices

Fish peppersoup   £9.50

Selection of mixed and spicy Tilapia/Croaker/Catfish cooked in African herbs

Stick meat    £3.50

Skewered beef & mixed peppers in seasoned sauce of tomatoes, peppers and onions

Spring rolls    £3.00

A blend of vegetables and onions with light seasoning wrapped in a crispy roll

Puff-puff    £1.00

Fried pastry balls from a mix of flour, yeast,nutmeg and sugar

Peppered gizzard    £6.00

Turkey gizzard garnished with habanero pepper, onions and mixed herbs

Meat Pie    £2.00

A pastry wrap of traditional minced beef with chopped potatoes and carrots

dun dun & dodo     £6.50

Salted yam thinly sliced and fried in vegetable oil for a crisp texture


Jollof rice   £9.00

Long grain rice seasoned and cooked in tomato sauce with mixed herbs

Fried rice    £9.00

Long grain rice stir fried with mixed vegetables and peppers

Asaro    £12.00

Tender boiled yam cooked with a blend of peppers,palm oil and beef or crayfish

Ewa Agoyin w/ plantain      £12.00

Mashed beans served with a novelty red stew sauce

Ayamase w/ rice     £11.00

Assorted chunks of meat in hot and spicy green pepper sauce served with rice

Ishu w/ egg     £9.50

Boiled yam with fried and seasoned egg

Dodo w/ egg     £9.50

Fried ripe plantain served with egg

Sauce and Stews

Efo riro     £9.50

Spinach in stewed sauce with palm oil and locust beans with mixed herbs

EgusI     £9.50

Ground melon seeds and chopped spinach in a mix of blended peppers, palm oil & dry fish

Ewedu     £9.50

A blended mix of jute leaves and locust beans with seasoning

Ogbono     £9.50

Ground irvingia (bush mango) seeds cooked with meat and leafy vegetables

Okra     £9.50

Blended okra chunks cooked with ground crayfish in a viscous paste



Abula     £12.00

A rich mixture of blended jute leaves, brown beans and red peppers

Stir fried noodles     £9.50

Boiled noodles garnished with mixed vegetables, peppers and omelette

Edikaikong     £12.00

Freshly cooked pumpkin leaves cooked with palm oil, assorted meat and dry fish

Turkey Gizzard & Plantain     £9.00

A pot mix of fried plantain with turkey gizzard garnished in peppered sauce, mixed peppers and onions

Grilled fish & dodo     £22.00

Grilled and seasoned fish served with fried plantain

Bitter leaf     £12.00

Freshly cut bitter leaves cooked with cocoyam, dry fish & assorted meat

Spicy assorted meat     £9.50

Cut pieces of assorted meat garnished with habanero peppers, onions & mixed herbs

Afang     £12.00

Traditional sauce from Okazi leaves with assorted meat and dry fish

Nkwobi     £12.00

Spicy cow feet marinated in a blend of palm oil and mixed herbs sauce


Sides & add-ons

moi-moi     £2.50

Blended black eyed beans steamed in a mix of peppers, boiled eggs and beef/fish

Dodo     £2.50

Fried slices of ripe plantain

Hake Fish    £2.50

Beef / Chicken   £1.50

Fries     £2.50

Fresh local potatoes sliced and fried in vegetable oil

Chicken Wings    £3.50

Fried chicken wings marinated in tomato stew

Eba / Eba / Poundo    £3.00

Cassava flour stirred in boiling water and made up into a soft mass



Fanta Orange                  £2.00

Malta Guinness              £2.00

Schweppes                      £2.00

Hypermalt                       £1.50

Coke/Diet Coke               £1.00

Bottled water                £1.00

Tropical/orange/apple juice      £1.50


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